Latest Report – Steve Wilson in Peru

Latest Report – Steve Wilson in Peru


Thank you all for your faithful prayers and support!!

Notes of Praise:

  • A very sick, 6 yr. old, girl treated for pneumonia. 
  • Many Urarina people heard the Good News of Jesus.

We praise God that our trip to the Amazonas of Peru went great. There were lots of Flee bites, but the blessings out weighed them all. Our medical team treated over 500 people.

image001Also, we arrived just in time to save the life of one little girl who was ill with pneumonia. This picture was taken 24 hours later. Best of all the Urarina people heard the good news of Jesus, Gods love and forgiveness translated in their heart language.

image002Even though this was not on our agenda, we spent one night in a village where I came across Juan, one of my students from last Feb. in Santa Rita, where he had received more bible training.  What a joy to see him. He invited me for breakfast the following day at 5:30 where he served fresh fish which he speared that morning.

image003He also asked I take a family picture and bring it back this Feb. when I return for the conference. This is his wife, mother and father, son and his nephews in their family home.

image004Also a picture of our team eating their lunch with 97% humidity.

Your missionaries,

Steve and Ruth Wilson