Latest News from Toni & Vesna Georgiev

Dear prayer and support team,

 This year we receive very late the Christmas gifts from Samaritan Purse. This week we will be involved with many children sharing with them the Christmas gift’s. For the first time this year we will deliver Samaritan purse gifts among the Turkish Muslim kids. There is going to be some books with the Christian material.  We will try to explain to the Turkish Muslim kids the faith in Jesus Christ. Please keep us in your prayers. (I will send you some pictures next week.) Also, this year we will deliver Samaritan purse gifts to the Table Tennis kids. There are also kids from Turkish Muslim background. The coach of the Table Tennis is our faithful church member, Kiro. I believe that the kids will be surprise and happy and that they will receive the message that we have prepared for them. Please keep in your prayers also the basketball kids from Novo Selo.