Prayer & Praise News from Paul and Jean Sywulka

Prayer & Praise News from Paul and Jean Sywulka


The following prayer requests were received from the Sywulka’s:

  • Paul returned on May 6 after participating in training seminars for leaders of theological schools in Bolivia and Paraguay.  Thank the Lord for the very good response!
  • We have the opportunity of being involved in outreach ministries to children, women and communities in need.  Pray that God will guide us and make us a blessing as we serve along side these ministries.
  • Paul will be teaching a module and speaking at the graduation of a seminary in Northern Mexico the last week of May. Pray for God’s strength and blessing.
  • We will be hosting a church group from Kansas at SETECA the first week of June.  Pray that God will use us to encourage and challenge them.


Paul and Jean Sywulka