David Byle – Urgent Prayer Request

David Byle – Urgent Prayer Request


We urge you to pray especially today and the upcoming days for this outreach in Turkey.

Dear praying friends:

Greetings in Christ from Malatya, Turkey, where we are with an 18-member group from 8 different countries, traveling through Eastern Turkey spreading the good news of Jesus.

Two days ago we were in a little town called Pazarcik. Since it is only about 60 miles from where the Islamic State’s border reaches Turkey, one would think it would have been dangerous or difficult. Just the opposite: almost all the people were eager to talk with us, and quite a few seemed to have genuine interest in the gospel. I couldn’t help but think of those doing outreach in big cities like Amsterdam and London, where you try so hard to get people to stop and listen and most just ignore you; here I was literally being taken by the arm from one group of people to another as they all wanted to talk with us. So much openness, so little time!

The local Jandarma (military police) were very aware of our presence there, of course, and it seemed several of them were assigned to look after us the whole time. They told me openly that what we were doing was OK and that they weren’t worried about us, it was the radical nationalistic and religious element in the town that concerned them. If they were there we certainly didn’t notice it.

We have many, many stories of the people we spoke with and what God did among them. I’ll try to write a longer report for those interested later.

Since yesterday we’ve been doing outreach here in Malatya. The last time I was here was 8 years ago, to help bury one of the 3 brothers who were martyred here. Now, the church which was just beginning to grow then has its own building, is legal and has good relations both with the local police and the governor’s office.

Way, way too many stories to tell, but I’m in haste now as this morning’s meetings are soon to begin. The purpose of this quick update is just to let you all know what we’re doing and to urge you to pray especially today and the upcoming days for this outreach, as the Lord leads you.

If you’re following the news from Turkey these last few days you’ll know how tense things are here; all the more reason to pray.

Here is a map that shows our travel route. We plan to go to Elazig next week and then on to Tunceli, and return to Istanbul Lord willing Monday Aug 3rd.

Onward rejoicing in making our Lord Jesus known among these precious peoples,

David & Ulrike and kids

(all our kids are with us on this outreach as well)

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