Prayer Requested: Toni Georgiev

Prayer Requested: Toni Georgiev


Dear prayer and support team,

 I sending you picture from the Turkish Muslim people that attend tonight at our regular church service. I spend a lot of time with all those people trying to bring them close to Christ. In their homes we have short bible studies. I lead them step by step close to Jesus and I believe that they understand every bible message. I know that inside in them are big spiritual battle because of the Islam and I want you to keep all those people in your prayers including me.

Please also pray that in the future all of them will turn to follow Jesus and become spiritual leaders in the place where they live. At that area there is around 120 houses where live Turkish Muslim people. From our viewpoint maybe this is impossible but for Jesus IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.

 That ministry is going to be one  long term process in the year ahead.

 Thanks for your prayers.

 Serving Christ together,