New update: Steve & Sherree Francis

New update: Steve & Sherree Francis


…we so appreciate the prayers of many during this trip.

As you know with long trips – it can be pretty exhausting – but we are also totally enjoying the surroundings and new experiences.

We are in Kathmandu and have had opportunity to get out and experience some of the culture – many Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist temples.  Such hopelessness.

We have also met with both ministry placement options and now have the quandary of deciding which way to go since both jobs are open to us and very good options. 

So Thursday we will travel to Tansen to one of UMN’s rural hospitals and then on to Pokhara to visit an SIM teammate.

We’d appreciate your prayers in the days ahead as we decide about which ministry to work with.

One would provide a finance advisor role for Steve and not a clear role for me straight away but would allow me more language study time.

The other role would also be a financial advisor role for Steve but would mean I would likely have to be the visa holder because of some new regulations here.  So this would mean both Steve and I would have 5 months of language study to start with and then hold full time jobs with this partner… so very different scenarios.

Thanks so much for your partnership with us – we are excited about the possibilities here and can see ourselves living and working here in the future.

…we appreciate your prayers.  We had news two days ago that a very close aunt of Steve’s finally lost her battle with cancer and went home to be with the Lord.  We were expecting this news but it was still hard to hear.  So we are carrying on yet grieving at the same time.  Thankfully when we were able to spend Christmas and NY in the UK and had the privilege and seeing her briefly and were able to say goodbye.

Blessings to you all there,