Prayer requested: Stan Gillespie – Asia trip

Prayer requested: Stan Gillespie – Asia trip


Please pray for Stan Gillespie, & the “Global Outreach Group” team.

They leave early tomorrow morning (March 15) to conduct three Camp Leaders Training Conferences in a Restricted Nation of Asia. The sessions will conclude March 30th.

The three sessions require maintaining a rigid schedule of training activities, plus air travel between session locations that can be physically exhausting. There schedule will be as follows;

  1. Upon completion of their first training session, they leave at 4 am to fly to the 2nd location.
  2. This next training conference will begin at 4pm & be a repeat of the previous training activity sessions.
  3. After completing training in location #2, they will fly to the 3rd location to start at 4pm conducting another several days for training leaders in this area of the country.

It will be an exciting, but demanding schedule!

Pray for:

  • Safety/Passports/Training materials to cause no issues for delay.
  • Travel to each site to be without weather/mechanical or flight delays.
  • Health & food concerns while teaching/living in varied foreign locations.
  • Travel/safety issues for those attending each training location.

Also – A Special Note of Praise:

Stan was informed last week that a recent youth camp was conducted at the site that will be their “3rd Training Location”. It was exciting to learn that approximately 100 youths came to Christ & especially gratifying to know that the camp leader was one who had attended their training conference last year.

How special to know that God has honored their previous training conference in this country, with many youths coming into a new relationship with our Lord Jesus. Pray that results like this will expand in manifold ways, as God uses more trained leaders to share His Word in unique ways throughout a hostile world.