Macedonia Report: Toni Georgiev

Macedonia Report: Toni Georgiev


Dear prayer and support team,

Last week visit us group from 7 people from Washington and stay with us one week. We had wonderful time with the group and they had opportunity to meet and make friends from our town Strumica and share the gospel to them. We visit many Orthodox and Muslim people and we invite many kids and we had games in the sport hall and outside in the park and after the games we share the gospel to the kids and share some bible stories. We also invite some Turkish Muslim kids and they enjoyed to play in the park and to hear about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (please see the attachments). Now we are preparing the kids for the Young Life summer camp that will be in Bulgaria.
Dear brothers and sisters, in our country we have about 0.37% of Christians that are born again and follow Christ. The rest of the people are totally spiritual blind. Everywhere in Macedonia rule spiritual blindness. Because we live in a social culture the only way to bring the gospel to the people is to meet and make friends and spend time with them and then share the gospel to them and help them to grow spiritual.

I’m one of the fruits that 10 years ago come one group from New Mexico and while I was selling mini donuts with my wife in the center in the town they were visit me every night and buy mini donuts and we become friends with the Americans. One day they invite me to have coffee with them in one coffee bar in Strumica and for the first time in my life I heard the gospel. I was thinking that I was Christian because I was Orthodox but I was totally spiritual blind. I meet one American missionary Bolt Moore who lived in Strumica with his family and he invest his life and his time into my life and start to disciple me through discipleship process for spiritual growing nearly every day for almost three years and help me to become mature believer. Now I try to find people and to multiply the disciples and to join us in the team to build the Kingdom of God in Strumica.

One of the problems now in our country is that Macedonia is in very deep political crisis and we have demonstration and violent people that are destroying many things in the town. Every day at 7pm the demonstrations starts in whole Macedonia and we are near to a civil war. The opposition party want to rule the country on non democratic way. Please keep us in your prayers. All people are afraid from civil war.

Serving Christ together