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Immanuel Bible Church

Principal Function

The associate pastor oversees the Outreach Ministry and Family Ministries.


The associate pastor must be a mature man who meets the biblical qualifications for the office of elder as delineated in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. As a seminary graduate, he must be ordained or willing to be ordained. As a theologian, he must be in agreement with the 1) Doctrinal Statement in the Church Constitution, 2) the expanded Doctrinal Statement of the senior pastor, and his 3) Distinctives.  He must be growing in his relationship with Christ, in holiness and humility, and prioritizing his home and family. He and his family (as applicable) must be willing to become members of Immanuel Bible Church, fulfilling the New Testament prescription for healthy church membership. 


The associate pastor must be a shepherd and an expositor. He must be a strong leader, organized manager with strong administrative skills, and willing to cast vision. He must be relational and work well with people, able to build teams. Communication skills and computer skills will be required for the work. The associate must feel called by God to serve as an assistant and leading supporter of the senior pastor, engaging in a close professional/ministerial relationship. By his position, he will serve as an elder in the church, reporting to the senior pastor, accountable to the elder board. 

Primary Responsibilities

The associate pastor will be regularly engaged in some form of a teaching ministry. He will also preach in the Sunday morning Worship Service. Charged with oversight of the three main areas below, he is not responsible for doing all the work himself. He will be a delegator, seeing that ministry is done properly with excellence; he will receive cooperation and input from the senior pastor. There may be some fluidity in the work with assigned new tasks. In addition, Immanuel aims to support the associate’s particular giftedness, giving him platforms to exercise the gifts God has given him.

  • Participate in weekly staff meetings, bi-weekly elder meetings, and other meetings as required.
  • Maintain regular office hours (with flexibility) and availability for general pastoral responsibilities. Maintain good communication, cooperation, and coordination with staff, elder board, and the congregation at large.
  • Participate in the planning and leadership of regular church services and gatherings as designated by senior pastor. Participate in and contribute to various church-wide endeavors.
  • Exercise hospitality by hosting people in your home, utilizing a church expense account, and loving by example. 
  • Develop and oversee a budget that effectively and wisely utilizes church resources for the following two ministries.

Outreach Ministry

Presently, we go door-to-door in our neighborhood to share the gospel, pray, and distribute Bibles. A core group led by young men have a heart for the lost. The associate has excellent “raw material” to work with and solid support in this ministry.  

  • Build upon an Outreach Ministry that establishes new ministry initiatives, equips the church, and leads the body of Christ outward with a goal of proclaiming the gospel, serving the community, and meeting local needs.
  • Invest in a team of passionate, gifted volunteer-leaders to implement your vision.
  • Evaluate opportunities in our community such as Western Washington University and Whatcom Community College.
  • Establish relationships with local bodies such as the Columbia Neighborhood Organization or Columbia Elementary School.
  • Identify community service opportunities, lead and delegate teams, and meet needs with the goal of sharing the gospel. 
  • Implement a clear, goal-oriented plan for evangelism in our neighborhood.

Family Ministries

This ministry is poised for success. It has the facilities, resources, financial backing, and largest volunteer contingency in the church. The associate has good opportunities to try new ministry ideas and tweak existing initiatives. 

  • With the support of the senior pastor, cast a new vision for the Children’s and Youth Ministry that is family-focused, servant-driven, and evangelistic.  
  • Articulate an annual ministry plan to harmonize with the overall vision of Immanuel and other ministry departments.  
  • Oversee (at present) family ministry components: Sunday School, nursery, junior church, Awana, VBS, and Revival (youth group).
  • Lead, utilize, and develop one part-time staff assistant in the implementation of the vision and goals. 
  • Determine programming, biblical curriculum, and sound teachings.
  • Recruit, equip, and encourage ministry volunteers. 
  • Schedule events, activities, and conferences that nurture volunteers and feed families. 
  • Work with the deacon board to maintain safety standards and protect our young people. 
  • Be available for counseling and pastoral care as needed, especially in regard to family relationships, issues, and transitions.
  • Integrate young people into the larger church community, preparing them for full assimilation. Create inter-generational opportunities where youth in particular can serve, worship, and fellowship with the church at-large. 
  • Maintain a strategy for reaching and assimilating new children and families.

Other Considerations


This is a full-time position of 40-48 hours/week fulfilled by one called and driven. Sunday mornings and some evenings will be part of these hours. Compensation includes two weeks paid vacation, holidays, sick leave, and retirement benefits. A medical and dental reimbursement account is included and can be used to cover medical insurance and other medical expenses. Annual salary to be determined. A sabbatical period will also be discussed. 

This is an exciting and unique ministry opportunity!  We welcome those who fill the necessary qualifications to apply.

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