Advent 2015

Advent 2015


The Baby and the Dragon, Part 2

Discussion Questions 1,  Have you ever waited for something that you really, really wanted? Have you ever gone through difficult times, when there was no end in sight? How did you feel in the midst of those times? Maybe you are going through difficult times now? God makes a dramatic promise to a people that he is about to judge. What does this text tells us about God’s…

The Baby and the Dragon, Part 1

Growth Group Questions How do the serpent’s words to Eve in verses 1 and 4, and Eve’s response in verses 2 and 3, differ from what God actually said in verses 16 and 17 of chapter 2? What is the serpent saying about God? What does Eve’s response tell us about her attitude towards what God said? (hint: look carefully at the references to God, the trees, etc.) Eve wanted to…